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Workwear Clothing can be seen as a crucial element in providing brand awareness for a company. Adding a brand logo to staff workwear is an effective method of increasing brand visibility and exposure. The logo can be applied using either Embroidery or Screen-printing.
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Any job that involves heavy manual labor or material handling includes a high risk of injury. Manual material handling does not only include physical risks but could also include health risks. Ask us how we can assist you with this.
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Taurus Workwear have been manufacturing our Taurus Brand Workwear for over 15 years using only quality fabrics. We supply our products to the commercial and industrial sector at discounted factory prices. All our work clothes are triple stitched and bar tacked at stress points for strength.

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Safetywear, Workwear and Work Clothing have long been commonplace in sectors such as industries, railways, airlines, police force and other services, particularly in roles where it is necessary to identify employees and invest them with authority.

Other trades have required distinctive workwear, often with protective characteristics, although not necessarily at the employer’s expense. Think of a chef, policeman, postman, nurse and very distinct uniforms come to mind. In other words, workwear is your company’s identity, it is unique to you and your trademark, therefore investing in Work Clothing is an investment to the company and the workers. Consider this when deciding and also not to forget branding of your uniforms linked to your company logo, it’s also an advertisement.

Corporate uniforms, Safetywear and workwear have now been adopted by a much wider range of industries. Most customer centred businesses, in retail, travel, financial services and so on, recognise the brand enhancement that can be gained from staffing in smart and attractive clothes. It not only helps foster team spirit and boosts morale within your workforce, it also provides a great opportunity to build your brand, through your most important business asset, the people who work for you!

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